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Increase your Wealth Luck with Chinese Ancient Coins

Round coins with a square hole in the center (usually made of copper) were first introduced during the beginning of the Qin Dynasty as currencies in China. These coins represent the powerful union of heaven and earth; the square hole in the middle represents the energy of the earth, while the circle represents the chi of heaven. When tied with a red or gold thread, yang energy breathes precious life into them, transforming them into powerful emblems of wealth and prosperity.


Chinese Coins to Attract Wealth

Chinese Coins -2Tip 1: Tie two coins with a red thread and hang it directly above the main entrance door of your shop. This will help to attract wealth to the establishment. The power of this symbol is said to be equivalent to that of the God of Riches.





Chinese Coins 3Tip 2: Tie three coins with a red thread and place them in your important files, invoice books, cash boxes, safe or wallet. The physical presence of three coins energised by the red thread is said to attract wealth luck wherever they are placed.





Nine Emperor Coins

Chinese Coins - 10 EmperorsCoins which come from a rich man’s home would possess an abundance of wealth energy, while the Nine Emperor Coins, representing the reign of nine emperors of a single dynasty denote continued wealth for nine generations.

#Tip 3: Collect these coins from the nine emperors’ reigns, tie them together with a red thread and hang them on the wall behind you in our office. This would symbolise that you have the financial support of nine emperors and is believed to be the most auspicious.








Chinese Coins as Amulets

Chinese ancient coins are believed to make great amulets, especially for children, to overcome the 30 barriers of a person’s life. The number of coins to be hung around the child’s neck should be the same as the child’s lunar calendar age. Each year, a fresh coin would be added during the first day of the lunar New Year until the child reaches the age of 15. By then, the child is believed to have symbolically and successfully crossed all the barriers along the path of life.

Coin Sword Pi Hsieh JianOver time, the coins worn around the neck evolved into clusters of coins tied to resemble swords, which are decorated with knots and tassels. They have come to be known as Pi Hsieh Sword (辟邪剑). It is believed that they make excellent Feng Shui cures for affected corners of your house or office which threaten the loss of your wealth.

#Tip 4: Hang a Pi Hsieh Sword in the corner of your living space which gives you problem. This will help to protect you from any mishappenings.




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Content is referenced from Feng Shui Symbols of Good Fortune by Lillian Too, Page 26 to 29.  

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