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5 Easy Ways to Improve your Living Space with Crystal Balls

Faceted Crystal Balls are used as Feng Shui cures to deflect bad energy (chi) and enhance positive energy (chi) in our surroundings. Most importantly, they do not look like those typical Feng Shui objects, such as Ba Gua, etc, which usually, do not fit well with the design theme of your home. Instead, they make elegant decorative pieces, which create a nice ambience, especially when light hits them, casting tiny ‘rainbows’ around them.

So, what are some of the ways we can use these crystal balls? Let’s find out today!


Scenario 1


When you have a large window in your home or office, chi tends to flow out excessively. To avoid this, you can hang a clear faceted crystal ball in front of the window. As the crystal ball contains all the colours of the visible spectrum, it will absorb and reflect the sun’s rays, projecting dancing ‘rainbows’ of light on to your walls. This, in turn, brings both vitality and balance to your living space, making you feel a sense of harmony.


Scenario 2

When you are studying for an examination or rushing for a report, it is recommended to hang a faceted crystal ball above your head. This will help you to enhance mental clarity and sharpen your focus, making it easier for you to absorb more information and think faster. To magnify its effect, you can consider placing the crystal ball under your lighted table lamp.


Scenario 3

If you have two bedroom doors facing directly opposite each other at home, this will usually imply that there will be conflicts and quarrels between the people staying in the two respective rooms. To overcome this issue, you can hang a faceted crystal ball in between these two rooms. The crystal ball acts as a protection against negative chi, absorbing it and then reflecting it away from the affected people.


Scenario 4

When you are staying in a hot and humid country, like Singapore, it is always more cooling to have a ceiling fan fixed in your dining room, living room or bedroom. However, many people are concerned about the “cutting” chi produced by the rotating blades of the fan, which is deemed as inauspicious. A simple way to protect yourself from the negative chi is to hang or place a crystal ball underneath the ceiling fan!


Scenario 5

When you feel that there is poor ventilation in a specific corner of your home or office, it means that there is stagnant chi. If you have to stay at that corner quite frequently, this could potentially lead to depression or poor health. By hanging a crystal ball there, positive chi can be activated and this can help to energise the area.

Swarovski Crystal Ball Pink

Choosing the right size for your crystal ball

Always remember to choose a crystal ball that is proportionate to the size of the space where you want to place it!

If you are planning to place the crystal ball in a large living room, for example, you should get a ball that is 40mm or larger.

For places with smaller spaces, such as in front of your window, underneath your ceiling fan, above your desk, etc., you can consider using the 30mm crystal balls.

Smaller crystal balls that are about 20mm or smaller are ideal for hanging on the rear mirror of your car. The crystal ball can act as a protection when you drive.


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