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The Real-World Pokemon Go Incense

“Oh, I caught six Pikachus yesterday!” exclaimed the girl standing next to you at the bus stop, while her friends promptly took over her mobile phone and started examining it in disbelief. Deep down, you felt a pinch of jealousy, and wished you have caught some Pikachus too. At level 20 and over 400 Pokemons caught, you still don’t feel complete without your Pikachu.

So today is the day, that you have decided to use your very limited FREE Pokemon Go incense, in hopes that you can attract some Pikachus along your way back home. Once the incense was activated, Pokemons started appearing in front of you every other minute. And finally, a wild Pikachu appeared. You fed him some Razz Berries, and with a swift swipe using your finger on your mobile phone screen, you stood there waiting for the moment of revelation.  “Gotcha!” Now your life is complete.

Pokemon Go Incense

As magical as it sounds, we all know that this Pokemon Go incense only happens in the virtual world.

Now, what if there is a real-life incense that can attract the things/people that you want/need in life (ie wealth, romance, business, nobleman, etc.), when it is lighted? Sounds impossible, but it is true. The Attraction Incense does just that.


Made with sandalwood, agarwood, and other natural medicinal herbs, this Attraction Incense is blessed by masters, according to the scriptures and offering puja of the Goddess Kurukulle, also known as the Deity of Magnetism.

The Goddess Kurukulle has a beautiful and alluring face, as well as a voluptuous body. She is red in colour and this helps her to perform the magical function of enchantment and magnetism.

Chanting the Kurukulle Mantra will help you reveal your desires and magnetizes them to you, manifesting them in real life. Similarly, lighting the Attraction Incense will help attract good things and fulfill your wishes.

FYI, play the video below to listen to Kurukulle Mantra.

Here are some of the benefits when you light up the Attraction Incense:

  • Increases your attractiveness to the opposite sex
  • Heightens your love blossom luck and increases the chance of a good marriage
  • Gains popularity among your peers and gets doted by elderly
  • Adds sweetness to a relationship and helps dissolve the concern of extramarital affairs
  • Aids in connecting with your children and parents/children-in-law
  • Enhances your work, career, and ultimately your wealth luck
  • Increases your business network and brings your public relations contacts closer to you
  • Enhances a supervisor’s leadership skills, and helps increase your subordinates’ efficiency
  • Increases the chance of promotion at your workplace and gets the acknowledgement from your boss
  • Helps you to relax and soothe your mind

Made in Taiwan, this Attraction Incense comes in stick form (25 minutes burning time per stick) and coil form (4 hours burning time per coil).

Attraction Incense 1Hear what some of the Attraction Incense users have to say.

“I started a contractor business a few months back, and business was really slow. There were very few enquiry calls. However, a friend recommended me to use this Attraction Incense and within a week, I started to receive a substantial number of enquiry calls, which led to more projects for me. Ever since, I’ve been lighting one stick on a daily basis.” – Mr. Kong

“Back then, I was worried about my 33-year-old daughter, who still haven’t had a boyfriend before. Her friends and I tried introducing some guys to her, but the match-making attempts always ended up failing. So I bought her this Attraction Incense and got her to light one stick every day. Miraculously, in less than two weeks’ time, she told me she met someone at work. They started going out and after a few years of dating, my daughter finally got married at 35 years old!”

Start to change your luck by attracting the right kind of people in your life today! Click on the following image to shop now!

Attraction Incense 3

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