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Here’s How You Can Improve Your Luck with Candles!


Candles have been used for many centuries, for aromatherapy, meditation, offerings, home decoration or even as Feng Shui remedies. But did you know that coloured candles can also help to activate different luck depending on the colours used? Some believe that each of them have different healing powers as well.
Here’s a quick guide on the colours and their respective uses.
Blue CandleBlue
You can us blue candles for attaining happiness, conferring wisdom and increasing one’s good fortune. When you are feeling feverish or experiencing insomnia, you can consider lighting up blue candles to cure these symptoms.



Purple Candle
Lighting up purple candles can help in increasing luck in your studies and work, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Many believe that this colour can also help you to gain popularity and power. It can also help to relieve your cold or allergies, when lighted.


Green Candle
Green candles can be used for stimulating good luck and increasing wealth. They are great for people who wants growth and success, especially in their career. When you are experiencing a headache, try lighting up a green candle.


Yellow Candle
You may want to use yellow candles for stimulating mental clarity, knowledge and concentration. If you are looking at increasing your indirect wealth, you can try burning yellow candles too. For those with diabetes or indigestion, it is recommended to burn candles of this colour.


Orange Candle
You should light up orange candles if you want to attract joy and good luck, while cleansing negative attitudes. When one is suffering from depression, do consider lighting up orange candles to add some joy to the surrounding.



Red CandleRed
Red candles are used for stimulating passion, and enhancing relationships or romance. They are also useful for stimulating appetite for patients.




White CandleWhite
White candles are used to create mental clarity and helps to clean up or remove obstacles, allowing you to start fresh.






So have you thought of which areas you need to improve your luck in?

Feng Shui Tip
Oh, and if you wish to enhance your noblemen luck, be sure to light a candle on your noblemen direction/location in your home’s living room every day. It really works!

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